Auckland Road

My new home (house on the left with creme-colored door). It has Gothic brick arches with keystones over the door and windows with moulded brickwork.

Auckland Road commemorates the founding of the colony of New Zealand and the foundation of Auckland in 1840. In the back, there is the site of the former Star Brewery and Bailey’s Maltings.
It is located in the Brunswick Area. The name ‘Brunswick’ gives a rough date of the 1820s. Caroline of Brunswick (born in Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, Germany) had married the Prince Regent and returned to England after he became King George IV in 1820. His failed attempt to divorce her increased her public popularity and her death in 1821 (aged 53) resulted in the commemoration in the street names of Brunswick Terrace, Gardens, Cottages and Walk.

The Brunswick Area forms the southern edge to Midsummer Common, an open space along the River Cam (see Map of Cambridge). It is part of the Market ward (for electoral purposes the city is divided into 14 wards).