The Internet of things (IoT) - and other Predictions 2015

Technology, Media & Telecommunications Predictions 2015
Deloitte Digital hosted a table discussion at the ‘Internet of things – Suppliers Showcase’.
Deloitte predicts that while the press may focus on consumers controlling their thermostats, lights and appliances (from washing machines to tea kettles), 60 percent of all wireless IoT devices will be bought, paid for and used by enterprises and industries. And over 90 percent of the services revenue generated will be enterprise, not consumer.
That is because most home items are selling in their hundreds of thousands as connected devices, sensors or controllers; very few are selling in their millions.
Meanwhile enterprises are buying and using tens or even hundreds of millions of IoT devices. Smart meters, smart grids, smart homes, smart cities and smart highways are just some examples. Factories, mHealth, shared transportation solutions (such as car and bike rentals) or resource industries can all benefit too.
Growing IoT may mean focusing on product and/or customer lifecycle. The retail sector offers examples of how companies can benefit from using real-time data to move beyond transactions and understand their customers and products better. For example, the UK-based retailer Tesco used their loyalty club card to track customer visits, buying behavior, payment modes, and inventory. By paying close attention to customers (customer lifecycle) and product sales (product lifecycle), Tesco was able to adjust merchandise dynamically to suit local tastes, customize offers to customers, manage inventory volume based on demand/purchases, and plan inventory refresh as needed. As a result, sales, customer loyalty, and coupon redemption rates all increased.

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The Internet of Things is also referred to as the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) market, and is often used interchangeably.

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